The Easy Way to Crack Windows 7 Password

April 24, 2012

Setting a strong and secure password for Windows 7 is a nice way to protect your computer, but one thing might be terrible – We could forget our Windows 7 log on password. Then what to do if we are locked out of computer?

There are many password cracking software available on the internet, but most of them will take a few days or months to crack a strong password. If your Windows password is strong enough, the recovery time can’t be estimated and acceptable.  So is there a fast way to crack a strong Windows 7 password? As a computer security expert, I know the fastest and efficient way to crack Windows 7 password is to reset the password using Password Recovery Bundle.

Follow this guide to know how can we crack Windows 7 password quickly and easily.

Step 1: Prepare a Windows 7 Password Cracking CD

First you need to download the setup package of Password Recovery Bundle to any computer you have access to. Install it on the computer, then launch the program. Click on the Windows Password button, the CD-Recording dialog will appear. Insert a blank CD or DVD and click the Start Burn button to start creating a Windows password cracking disc.

Step 2: Crack Windows 7 Password

Place the CD you just created into the CD/DVD drive of your computer with a forgotten Windows 7 password. Turn on the computer, and let’s it boot from the password cracking CD. If it still boots from the local hard drive, you might need to configure the BIOS to set CD-ROM as the first boot device.

The boot procedure may take about one or two minutes. Wait until the Reset Windows Password program appears.

Select the Windows SAM registry hive from the drop-down list, the program will display a list of user accounts available on your Windows 7 system.

Select the user account you want to crack the password for, then click the Reset button to delete its password you’ve forgotten.

Now restart the computer and pop up the password cracking CD, the computer will normally boot into the login window of your Windows 7 system.  Let’s the password field as blank, you can instantly logon and regain access to your locked Windows 7 system.

The whole password cracking procedure takes just a few minutes, no matter how strong your Windows 7 password is.

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