2 Ways to Remove Forgotten PIN Login in Windows 10

June 23, 2016

Forgot your Windows 10 PIN login? Have problem with PIN sign-in option and you want to remove it? In this tutorial we’ll show you 2 simple ways to remove forgotten PIN login in Windows 10.

Method 1: Remove PIN login from the Settings app

  1. Open the Settings app by pressing the Windows key + I on your keyboard, or click Start button and select Settings.
  2. Once the Settings app launches, click Accounts. Next click Sign-in options on the left pane. Scroll down to the PIN section and click Remove button.

  3. Enter the password of your local account or Microsoft account, and click OK. Once your typed password is verified, it will remove your PIN login immediately.

Method 2: Remove PIN login by deleting NGC folder

  1. Before getting started, make Windows to show hidden folders/files. Next go to the following location in File Explorer:


  2. Delete all files/folders inside the NGC folder. To do so you have to be logged as Administrator and grant full permission to your account using TakeOwnershipPro.

  3. Now log off your computer or restart. You’ll find that your previous PIN login has been removed from Windows logon screen.


That’s it! After removing the PIN login, you should be able to set up a new PIN. These two methods require you to log on Windows 10 as administrator. If you’ve forgotten the password of local administrator account or Microsoft account, you can reset the password with PCUnlocker boot media.

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