How to Crack Windows 10 Password on Panasonic Toughpad Tablet

November 2, 2016

Lost Windows 10 admin password on your Panasonic Toughpad tablet? How can I recover  the password without reloading Windows 10? Just take it easy! With the PCUnlocker software you can crack Windows 10 password easily on Panasonic Toughpad tablet. Part 1: Create A UEFI Bootable USB Drive As the Panasonic Toughpad table comes with UEFI […]


How to Unlock Windows 10 Computer If Forgot Microsoft Account Password

June 21, 2016

If you can still log into Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, you can switch it to a local account from the Settings app. But what if Microsoft account is the only sign-in option but you forgot the password? In this tutorial we’ll show you a simple way to switch a Microsoft account to a […]


Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password with Install Disk

May 29, 2016

If you’ve forgotten or lost your administrator password in Windows 10, you can reset a password by booting from a Windows 10 install disk. Here we’ll walk you through the steps to reset forgotten Windows 10 password with installation disk. Reset Forgotten Windows 10 Password with Install Disk? Boot your computer from Windows 10 installation […]


Reset Lost Password for Windows Server with RAID Controller

April 9, 2016

How to gain access to Windows Server running RAID when the administrator password is forgotten? You might have tried methods like booting with Hiren’s BootCD, Ophcrack, but these boot CDs don’t have necessary RAID drivers to detect the RAID drive. In this article we’ll explain how to use PCUnlocker to reset lost password for Windows […]


Crack Windows 10 Password on Surface Pro 3 Tablet

September 24, 2015

Lost Windows 10 password and can’t log on to your Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet? The presence of UEFI boot system on the Surface Pro 3 renders most traditional password cracking utilities as completely useless. To reset Surface Pro password, we have to use an UEFI-compatible bootdisk – PCUnlocker Enterprise, which can crack lost Windows […]


Bypass Windows Admin Password without Resetting It

June 9, 2015

There are a number of ways of recovering or resetting a lost Windows password. In this article we’ll show you an innovative method to bypass Windows administrator password without resetting or cracking the password. How to Bypass Windows Admin Password without Resetting It? Before getting started, you need to create a PCUnlocker Live CD from […]


How to Crack Windows 8.1 Administrator Password in Minutes

October 13, 2014

How to unlock Windows 8.1 system after you’ve forgotten your administrator password? PCUnlocker is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool that allows you to crack Windows 8.1 password on a computer where you forgot your password. The step-by-step guide below should work for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and the earlier versions of Windows. How to Crack […]


ASUS Transformer Book Windows 8 Password Reset

July 4, 2014

Forgot Windows 8 password and get locked out of your ASUS Transformer Book? This tutorial will help you get back into your ASUS Transformer Book T300/T100 by resetting your lost Windows 8 password with PCUnlocker. Part 1: Preparing a bootable PCUnlocker USB drive 1. Download the zipped ISO image of PCUnlocker and save it on […]


Sony Vaio Windows 8 Laptop Password Recovery

June 11, 2014

Locked out of your Sony Vaio laptop and can’t login to Windows 8? How can I access my Sony Vaio tablet if I have forgotten the password? Problem begins when ever you not having the password reset disk with you or not yet created. Even though it seems a huge problem, it is still not […]


How to Access ThinkPad Tablet 2 If Forgot Windows 8 Password

May 27, 2014

Forgot Windows 8 password and can’t log into ThinkPad Tablet 2? How to unlock or reset ThinkPad Tablet password? Lenovo ThinkPads shipped with Windows 8 preload are configured in UEFI mode. Legacy-based boot media will not boot successfully on UEFI based computer. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create UEFI bootable USB media […]